Innovative Technology

Vertices is dedicated to making cutting-edge interactive mapping tools more powerful, intuitive, and affordable. All of our solutions are built on the principle of interoperability, where information is easily exchanged and shared across different software and hardware platforms. Whether it is on a personal computer or on a handheld device, our solutions are engineered to deliver core functions seamlessly. Using our own Mappler technology, our maps incorporate a variety of GIS data layers (online or offline) and generate customized, smartphone-based community survey tools. Vertices’ GIS technical staff is proficient in the latest GIS softwares, and is available to assist your next research project.

Community Engagement

Community Engagement is a process where community organizations or groups of individuals engage in ongoing efforts towards a collective vision for the benefit of the community. Vertices’ mission is to provide an effective and accessible tool for any such efforts. Our expertise in data visualization, spatial modeling, what-if-senario building, and field data collection, are critical to successful community engagement projects.

About Dr. Wansoo Im

Dr. Wansoo Im founded Vertices in 1994. He specializes in community-based participatory research using interactive, web/mobile-based Geographic Information Systems. With a strong focus on public participatory approach and interoperability, he has consulted with numerous non-profit and governmental agencies about creating and integrating geospatial solutions for addressing business and community issues. Dr. Im has in-depth expertise in the fields of public health and planning. He was an assistant professor in public health informatics in the informatics in the Department of Family and Community Medicine for the National Health Disparities Research Center of Excellence at Meharry Medical College. He was adjunct faculty at the Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy at Rutgers University.